What Are Obama's Political Views?

Barack Obama is an ideologically moderate Democrat. His political views are undoubtedly far to the left of the Republican Party, although they are also far to the right of the most liberal Democrats. Obama ranks as one of the more moderate Democratic presidents since 1945. This can be seen in his responses to legislation passed by Congress during his presidency.

As noted in a study conducted by political scientists, Barack Obama spoke publicly about his approval or disapproval of legislation that passed during his administration 282 times. These statements show that Obama consistently supports moderately liberal legislation. The political scientists then contrasted Obama's statements about legislation passed during his administration with past presidents' statements about legislation passed during their administrations, dating back to 1945. The data indicates that Obama is to the left of any of the Republican presidents of that period, but he is one of the more centrist of the Democratic presidents. Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter and JFK all ranked as more liberal than Obama, who ranked closely to Harry Truman and Lyndon Johnson. Many Republicans dispute that Obama is centrist, citing the passage of the Affordable Care Act as evidence that Obama is an extreme liberal. Many democrats argue that Obama is a moderate liberal, citing that the Affordable Care Act was not liberal enough for a great number of the Democratic Party.