What Is the Number of Vietnam Casualties by State?


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The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) maintains lists of Vietnam War casualties organized by state and other statistical categories on Archives.gov. For example, New York suffered 4,119 casualties, while the state casualty list counts 1,056 Kentuckians and 396 Nebraskans among its numbers.

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The total number of fatal Vietnam War casualties is 58,220, according to NARA. A casualty is a member of the armed services who can no longer effectively serve due to impairments acquired during his service in the war or period of time examined. This includes members of the service injured outside the course of battle, such as those who die due to sickness or suicide. Usage of the term can include those removed from duty but later returned to active service after recovering partially or wholly from the circumstances mandating their removal.

Sorted by home state, California suffered the greatest number of fatal casualties, totaling 5,575. Alaska suffered the lowest number of casualties of any state, at 57 casualties. Several U.S. territories with fewer casualties have their lists alongside state casualty records. Statistics are also available for casualties by race, religion and the country in which the incident causing the casualty occurred.

NARA's purpose is the recording and preservation of important U.S. government documents for legal and historical reasons. NARA preserves only 3 to 5 percent of government documents each year.

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