Who Are Some Notable Hispanic Inventors and Scientists?


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Some notable Hispanic inventors and scientists include Bernardo Houssay, Severo Ochoa and Luis Walter Alvarez. Luis Federico Leloir and Carlos Finlay are also famous Hispanic scientists.

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Bernardo Houssay was a famous Argentinian scientist and activist. In 1947, he received half of the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine. His outstanding achievement is discovering the role played by pituitary hormones in regulating the amount of blood sugar in animals.

Luis Federico Leloir grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina and won the 1970 Nobel prize for the discovery and study of sugar nucleotides. He worked alongside Professor Bernardo A. Houssay, who had a strong influence Leloir's interest in adrenalin carbohydrate metabolism. He also won the Bunge and Born Foundation Award, the Benito Juarez Award, the Gairdner Foundation Award and Columbia University's Louisa Gross Horowitz Prize.

Luis Walter Alvarez won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1968. During World War II, he worked with the U.S. military to monitor Germany's development of nuclear weapons. He suggested that an airplane could carry a system to detect the radioactive gases that a reactor produces. This led to the monitoring of fission products for intelligence gathering for the first time in history. Alvarez went on to apply the radar knowledge he had gained during the war to improve a particle accelerator. He was also one of the first scientists to seriously pursue the idea that a cataclysmic event led to the dinosaurs' extinction.

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