What Notable Events Took Place in 2012?

What Notable Events Took Place in 2012?

Some notable events in 2012 were the U.S. Presidential election, Hurricane Sandy, the Sandy Hook elementary school shootings and the Costa Concordia disaster. The year also saw continued conflict in Syria and violence between Israelis and Hamas rulers.

The 2012 U.S. presidential election, which took place on November 6, led to the re-election of President Barack Obama to a second term. Obama, a Democrat, ran against Republican nominee Mitt Romney.The two candidates held four debates before Election Day, and the candidates for Vice-President also held televised debates.

Hurricane Sandy traveled from the Caribbean up the eastern coast of the United States in the fall of 2012. The storm made it to New York and parts of New England, and millions of people in 17 states lost power, and over 100 died in the United States. Some locations did not restore power until weeks after the storm.

December 14 saw a mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Six adults and 20 children died in an event which gave impetus to the debate over guns and mental health.

The Costa Concordia was a cruise ship that crashed near the Italian island of Giglio on January 13, leaving 32 people dead and the captain facing trial for manslaughter.