Who Are Some Notable Black Inventors?

Who Are Some Notable Black Inventors?

Some notable black inventors are Lonnie G. Johnson, Granville T. Woods, George Washington Carver and Elijah McCoy. Other black inventors are George Alcorn, Otis Boykin and Frederick McKinley Jones.

Lonnie G. Johnson, the creator of the Super Soaker water gun, also created an engine that converts heat directly into electricity, known as the Johnson thermoelectric energy converter. Johnson has more than 40 patents under his name.

Granville T. Woods, referred to as the "Black Edison," invented a telephone transmitter, a trolley wheel and the multiplex telegraph. He registered more than 60 patents in his lifetime, including his first patent, which was for an improved steam boiler furnace, filed in 1889.

George Washington Carver discovered over 300 different uses for peanuts, such as making cooking oil, axle grease and printer's ink. His developments in agriculture helped to revitalize the southern economy. He also developed plastics and gasoline derived from peanuts.

Elijah McCoy invented an automatic lubricator that spread oil evenly over a train's engine while the vehicle is in motion. His invention improved transportation by allowing trains to run for greater distances without stopping for oil. He also registered dozens of other patents in his lifetime.

George Alcorn is famous for his innovation of the imaging x-ray spectrometer.