What Are Some New Mexico Indian Tribes?


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The Apache, Comanche, Pueblo, Navajo and Ute are Native American tribes in New Mexico. Other tribes include the Zuni, Jocome and Jano tribes. In total, there are 22 Indian tribes in New Mexico.

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The Apache tribe is divided into two distinct groups, the Western Apache and Eastern Apache. Other sub-groups of the Apache tribe include the Mescalero Apache, Plains Apache and Lipan Apache. Much of the Apache nation is located in southern and eastern New Mexico.

The Comanche Indians originally inhabited what is now New Mexico but the majority of the Comanche Nation now exists in Texas and Oklahoma.

The Pueblo Indians are descendants of the Anasazi people. The Hopi is a sub-group of the Pueblo Indians and are renowned for their distinct artwork and crafts. Other sub-groups include the Keres and Tewa.

The Navajo are located mostly in northwest New Mexico. Their language is called Athabaskan and there are approximately 15,000 speakers, making it the most commonly spoken Native American language in the country, as of 2016.

The Ute tribe is located in a small section of northwest New Mexico. The group also lives in areas of Utah, Nevada, Colorado, and Arizona.

The Zuni are a larger sub-group of the Pueblo people. They are linguistically different from any other group of Pueblos and their language has no known relatives.

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