What Do You Need to Make a Model of an Iroquois Longhouse?

Use an oatmeal container, shoebox, brown crepe paper and twigs to make a model of an Iroquois longhouse. You also need tape, glue, a paintbrush and scissors.

To make an Iroquois longhouse, with the supervision of an adult, cut a cylindrical oatmeal container with its lid in half lengthwise so that there are two semicircles. You only need one for the roof of the longhouse. Cut three 1-inch holes in the top of the rounded roof for the longhouse smoke holes. Using a shoebox the same length of the oatmeal container, glue or tape the roof on top of it. Cut a door-shaped rectangle in one end of the shoebox.

Use a paintbrush to spread glue across the surface of the longhouse, and then stick on irregularly shaped pieces of brown crepe paper to resemble the bark making up the traditional Iroquois home. Overlap the pieces to cover any exposed cardboard, and arrange them around the holes in the roof and on the door. To give the model a more authentic look, glue small twigs vertically to the sides of the longhouse tall enough that they just reach up to the roof. Finish by gluing long, dried grass over the roof.