What Natural Resources Did the Cherokee Indians Use to Make Their Weapons and Tools?

The natural resources the Cherokee Indians used to make their weapons and tools included flint and other rocks, deer antlers, animals hides, tree branches, thistledown, snake venom and plant extracts. These resources were used to make spears, arrowheads, stone weapons, axes and blowguns, among other things.

To make stone weapons, arrowheads and spear points, Cherokees sharpened rocks using harder rocks or deer antlers. They also used rocks to create grooves in stones and wrapped string made out of rawhide around the grooves, so they could attach the arrowheads or spear points to a wooden handle made from a branch. If a piece of wood had a knot in it, that was used to hold the head of the weapon in place.

Blowguns were made of long pieces of wood and were filled with darts made out of hardwoods. To poison the dart, the Cherokees tricked venomous snakes into biting rotten meat, which the Cherokees then dipped their darts into. Thistledown was attached to the darts to create a seal in the blowgun. They also used poisonous plant extracts to poison their darts.

To make fishing hooks, Cherokees used fish bones, another natural resource, or sticks. They also harvested clay to make pottery.