What Native American Tribes Made Dreamcatchers?

The Native American tribes known to have originally created dreamcatchers were the Annishnabe, Chippewa and the Ojibwe, sometimes spelled "Ojibway" or "Ojibwa." The use of dreamcatchers later spread among the Cree, Crow, Cochiti, Laguna and Zuni Indian nations.

A dreamcatcher is a circular object intricately spun or woven into a web-like design. Some dreamcatchers are constructed out of lace, a willow branch or grapevine and then decorated with feathers, beads and horsehair, while others were known to have been fashioned out of the umbilical cords of newborn infants. Native Americans believed that dreamcatchers served as protection during slumber. These traditional talismans filtered the good dreams and trapped the bad dreams.