Which Native American Tribes Lived on the Great Plains?

There were 29 Native American tribes that lived in the American Great Plains. The more famous of those tribes include the Cheyenne, Comanche, Blackfoot, Sioux and the Plains Apache.

Some other tribes from this region include the Arapaho, Arikana, Assiniboine, Crow and Gros Ventre. Others include the Hidatsa, Ioway, Kaw, Kiowa and Kitsai. Missouria, Mandan, Omaha, Osage and Otoe tribes also lived on the Great Plains, as did the Pawnee, Plains Ojibwe, Plains Cree, Ponca and Quapaw. The Sarcee, Stoney, Tonkawa and Wichita tribes round out the list.

The American Great Plains is a region extending from the Mississippi River in the East to the Rocky Mountains in the West and from Canada in the North to Texas in the South. Many of the tribes were nomadic and followed the buffalo migrations, which were their primary food source. A few of the tribes lived in permanent villages and relied on farming as well as hunting for their food supplies. Buffaloes were very important for those tribes, both as a food source and for creating shelter and clothing from buffalo hides.

Native Americans used the natural resources available to them wisely, as they only killed what they needed and did not waste what they killed. This is in stark contrast to white settlers who hunted for sport, an activity that led to the near extinction of the buffalo by 1884.