What Are Some Native American Indian Names?


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Some Native American names are Mona, Namid, Angeni, Kai and Kanti as well as Kaliska, Takala, Orenda, Osyka and Oya. These names each have a unique meaning and represent a certain Native American tribe.

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What Are Some Native American Indian Names?
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A lot of Native American names have cultural significance, often representing nature. Mona means "gathered from the seed of a jimson weed." The name Namid originates from the Cheyenne tribe. It loosely translates to "star dancer." Kai is a traditional name of the Navajo peoples of the American Southwest and means "willow tree."

Kanti is an Algonquin tribe name signifying the act of singing. The name Kaliska comes from the Miwok tribe and loosely translates to "coyote chasing deer." Kangee is a Sioux tribe name for ravens. Kaya is a Hopi tribe name for an elder sister.

Some Native American names directly invoke nature. Tala translates to "wolf," Tama translates to "thunder" and Rozene translates to "rose." Sahpooly is the Kiowa name for an owl, Salali is the Cherokee name for a squirrel, Sasa is the Cherokee name for a goose, Poloma is the Choctaw name for a bow and Powaqa is the Hopi name for a witch.

Shada means "pelican," Shadi means "older sister" in Navajo, Shima means "mother" in Navajo and Shimasani means "grandmother" in Navajo.

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