What Was Nathan Hale's Early Life Like?


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Nathan Hale was born to Richard and Elizabeth Hale on June 6, 1755, in Coventry, Connecticut, and was the sixth child of 12. He grew up on a farm and lived a relatively normal life. He went to Yale at age 14 and became a schoolteacher after he graduated.

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Hale grew up in the Puritan church, following the beliefs of his parents. He was schooled by his mother at a young age but was also taught by their pastor, Reverend Joseph Huntington. Hale traveled to Yale with his brother Enoch, where they both expanded their education. While Hale was at Yale, he joined a fraternity called Linonia. This fraternity was somewhat secretive and discussed controversial topics like slavery, as well as astronomy and mathematics.

Hale graduated from Yale in two years and began his job teaching not long after finishing school. He first started teaching in East Haddam, Connecticut, but he didn't enjoy it much. After that job, he started his main teaching job at a grammar school in New London, Connecticut, but it has also been noted that he taught women on the side. It's said that he had a passion for teaching everyone and didn't like the gender inequality during that time period. When the Revolutionary War started in 1775, Hale joined the Connecticut militia.

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