What Are the Names of John Cabot's Parents?

John Cabot's father's name is Giulio Caboto, but there are no records stating his mother's name. His father was a respected spice merchant. The family moved to Venice from Genoa when John Cabot was only 11 years old, where John learnt navigation and sailing from Italian merchants and seamen.

John Cabot was the second European explorer to reach North America, specifically Canada, after Christopher Columbus. He was granted permission by King Henry VII in 1497 to sail north of Europe. Although he was searching for Asia, he actually landed in Canada 50 days into his voyage. When he returned, he was granted a pension of 20 pounds, in addition to a 10 pound reward from King Henry VII.

A year later, in 1498, he again set sail to North America. John Cabot is known for paving the way for England's entry into North America and claiming the land for the Crown.