What Are Some Names of Egyptian Gods and Goddesses?


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Egyptian religion was polytheistic, containing many gods and goddesses including Isis, Osiris, Ra, Bastet and Seth. Other Egyptian gods included Horus, Thoth and Anubis. In Egyptian art, gods and goddesses are portrayed as having hybrid forms, with human bodies and heads representing either animals or natural phenomena.

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What Are Some Names of Egyptian Gods and Goddesses?
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The Egyptian pantheon had hundreds of different gods, some associated with specific functions and some with specific regions. For example, Sobek, the crocodile god, was worshipped at Tebtunis, where archaeologists have excavated hundreds of crocodile mummies. Hathor, a cow-headed goddess, was associated with fertility and childbirth. Although people believed in the existence of any number of gods, they devoted their worship to the ones most relevant to their own regions, vocations and personal needs, often shifting the focus of their worship as their personal circumstances changed.

Osiris is the god and judge of the dead, ruling over the underworld. He is portrayed as a mummy with a human head, surmounted by a crown of ostrich feathers. He holds a crook and flail. Anubis is the god who oversees mummification and embalming, and guides the dead to Osiris in the underworld for judgment. He has the head of a jackal, a beast that eats carrion. Bast or Bastet, the daughter of Ra, the sun god, was a cat goddess, greatly beloved as both a fierce protector of the home and a gentle and loving companion. She was portrayed with the head of a cat.

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