What Are the Names of the Most Common Indian Tribes?

The most common Indian tribes include the Cherokee, the Navajo, the Sioux and the Chippewa tribes, as of 2015. The Navajo tribe has over 308,013 members, followed by the Cherokee with 285,476 members, the Sioux with 131,048 members and the Chippewa with 115,859 members, according to 2010 U.S. Census data.

Over 100,000 Cherokee live on reservations in Oklahoma, and many who are descendants of those who resisted relocation still reside in their native land around North and South Carolina. The majority of the Navajo people live on reservation in the states of New Mexico, Arizona and Utah, while most of the Sioux live in Montana, Nebraska and southern Canada. Most of the Chippewa population is centered in the Great Lakes area, especially Wisconsin.