What Are Some Names of the Cherokee Tribes?


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Some Cherokee tribes include the Long Hair clan, the Wild Potato clan, the Deer clan, the Bird clan and the Paint clan. The three federally recognized Cherokee tribes are the Cherokee Nation, the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians and the United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians.

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The Long Hair clan, pronounced “a ni gi lo hi,” was a peaceful clan that had both a Peace Chief and a War Chief government, and the clan would often adopt orphans and prisoners of war into the clan’s strangers subdivision. The Wild Potato clan, pronounced “a ni go te ge wi,” was a gatherer clan that maintained the land. The Deer clan, pronounced “a ni a wi,” consisted of hunters and runners, but at the same time, members respected and cared for the animals living among them. The Bird clan, pronounced “a ni tsi s qua,” was a messenger clan in charge of caring for the birds that acted as messengers between the earth and heaven. The Paint clan, pronounced “a ni wo di,” was a clan centered around medicine that harvested, mixed and painted the sick and injured with medicine.

The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians are based in North Carolina and generated $78 million within the local economy in 2005. A notable Cherokee citizen was Junaluska, who saved the life of President Andrew Jackson.

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