How Are the Names Arranged on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall?

Matthew Carroll/Hemera/Getty Images

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall lists the names of those killed and missing in action in chronological order according to the date of casualty. Multiple casualties occurring on the same day appear in alphabetical order. The wall contains 58,307 names.

The date of casualty for those killed in action or in accidents is the date of their wound or injury. For those officially missing in action, the date of casualty is the date they were reported missing. The memorial consists of east and west walls, each containing 70 panels spreading outward from the center, numbered 1E through 70E and 1W through 70W. The list begins with the names of earliest casualties from 1957 at the center apex on panel 1E and reads eastward to panel 70E. The list resumes at the far western end of panel 70W, returns eastward and ends with the last casualties from 1975 at the apex at panel 1W, symbolizing the conclusion of the conflict.