What Is the Name of Each First Lady, in Chronological Order?

What Is the Name of Each First Lady, in Chronological Order?

The name of each first lady in chronological order starts with Martha Dandridge. Martha was married to George Washington, the first president of the United States.

After Martha Washington, Abigail Smith was married to John Adams; Martha Skelton was married to Thomas Jefferson; Dolly Todd was married to James Madison; and Eliza Kortright was married to James Monroe. Next, Louisa Carson was first lady for John Quincy Adams; Rachel Robards was married to Andrew Jackson; and Hannah Hoes was wed to Martin Van Buren.

Anna Symmes was married to William H. Harrison; Julia Gardiner to John Tyler; Sarah Childress to James K. Polk; and Margaret M. Smith to Zachary Taylor. After Mrs. Taylor, Abigail Powers was first lady to Millard Fillmore; Jane M. Appleton was first lady to Franklin Pierce; Harriett Lane was married to James Buchanan; and Mary Todd was married to Abraham Lincoln.

Next, Eliza McCardle was married to Andrew Johnson; Julia Dent was married to Ulysses S. Grant; Lucy Webb to Rutherford B. Hayes; and Lucretia Rudolph to James A. Garfield. Ellen Lewis was first lady to Chester A. Arthur; Frances Cleveland first lady to Grover Cleveland; Caroline Scott to Benjamin Harris; Frances Folsom to Grover Cleveland; Ida Saxton to William McKinley; and Edith Carow to Theodore Roosevelt.

Next, Helen Herron was married to William H. Taft; Ellen Wilson to Woodrow Wilson; Florence DeWolf to Warren G. Harding; Grace Goodhue to Calvin Cooldidge; Lou Henry to Herbert Hoover; and Anna Eleanor Roosevelt to Franklin D. Roosevelt. Elizabeth Wallace was first lady to Harry S. Truman; Mamie Doud was first lady to Dwight D. Eisenhower; and Jacqueline Bouvier was first lady to John F. Kennedy.

Claudia "Lady Bird" Taylor was married to Lyndon B. Johnson; Patricia Ryan to Richard Nixon; Elizabeth Warren to Gerald R. Ford; Eleanor Rosalynn Smith to James E. Carter; Nancy Davis to Ronald Reagan; Barbara Pierce to George H. Bush; Hilary Rodham to Willam J. Clinton; Laura Welch to George W. Bush; and Michelle Robinson to Barack Obama. As of 2015, these are the first ladies of the United States in chronological order.