What Are Some Facts About the Mound Builders?


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The Mound Builders came to North and South America during the last Ice Age at a time when around 1/3 of the planet was covered in ice. They found it easy to live on the land because the ice was beginning to melt, creating natural rivers. To get the supplies they needed, the Mound Builders would make tools and weapons from materials such as leather and shells and would also use these to trade for other necessities.

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The Mound Builders got their name because they used the earth to build mounds in which to bury their dead or hold other religious ceremonies. They lived in tribes led by one male hunter, but most of the tribe's members took part in the decision-making process.

When the Mound Builders came to the Americas, they settled in areas such as Illinois, Southern Canada, Wisconsin and Florida. Archaeologists estimate the Mound Builders lived around 900 to 1300 C.E. and hid in caves for protection from the elements, enemies and wild animals.

The Mound Builders were spiritual people who believed that there was immortal life after death. They worshiped legends and believed in creation myths. They were gatherers and hunters and lived on foods such as rabbit, buffalo, fish, corn, berries and homemade flat-bread.

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