Why Are Mobile Phones Important?

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Mobile phones are important because they allow greater ease of communication and versatility in how people use technology. Without mobile phones, people would be restricted to calling on landline phones and at a disadvantage in emergencies or disasters.

Mobile phones are becoming increasingly connected to the Internet, which allows people to do their shopping, communication and trip planning on the go. Mobile phones provide an instant connection to friends and family. In the modern, always-on society, it can be disorienting to not have an Internet connection, but a simple click on a phone access the Internet.

Cell phones aren’t just important to society at large They can change the lives of individuals. Before mobile technology came along, someone stranded at the side of the road would have to hitchhike or walk to the nearest pay phone to call for help. Now the phone can call from anywhere, provided there’s a signal, and it can act as a GPS if the person is lost. Many mobile phones have emergency services that are independent of a service plan.

Mobile phones can support a wide range of applications, giving them many of the same functions available on a laptop but without the extra bulk.