What Is the Meaning of Confucius Quotes?

The purpose of an authentic Confucian quote is to offer a small insight into how one should comport themselves in social or moral situations. These quotes are taken from the works of the Chinese philosopher Confucius, who wrote many treatises and lectured extensively on what he considered proper and correct behavior and rules for living a righteous life.

Confucius was born approximately 552 B.C. in the state of Lu. During his life, he set forth a moral and societal code that he felt was essential for an ideal life and an ideally run civilization. He concerned himself with life on Earth as opposed to the promise or existence of an afterlife. While Confucianism has many of the aspects of religion, it includes no reference to deities or an afterlife. Confucius felt that the existence of an afterlife was beyond the comprehension of the living and that people should instead focus on living a proper and right-thinking life.

A prime tenet of Confucius thought is respect, which includes the respect of family, friends, the elderly and ancestors. Confucius believed that respect for all people should flow forth from this. The quest for knowledge is also important to Confucian thought, encouraging people to learn something from everyone they meet.