Where Does Maya Angelou Go to Write?


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Maya Angelou writes in a hotel room in her town, which she rents for a few months. She has mentioned in more than one interview that having a hotel room - in which the paintings have been removed from the walls - is an important aspect of her process.

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Angelou never sleeps in the hotel room. Instead, she goes there early in the morning and stays until the afternoon. She's very particular about her room, never allowing staff to enter and change the bed sheets but only to empty wastebaskets. In a 2011 O, The Oprah Magazine interview, she said she keeps yellow notepads, ballpoint pens, a bottle of sherry, a bible, a dictionary and a thesaurus with her at all times. This was also confirmed in a much older interview from the Paris Review in which she revealed the point of the bible is "to hear the language, hear the rhythm, and remind myself how beautiful English is."

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