What Is a Master at Arms?


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In the United States Navy, Master at Arms is a title given to specialists who are involved in a number of different tasks, usually focusing primarily on the security and safety of a base or even a waterborne operation. The specific methods used by Master at Arms vary depending on the task at hand and on their location; some of them are even involved in investigations.

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What Is a Master at Arms?
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Masters at Arms are tasked with a very large list of crucial responsibilities that cover an array of different areas. All of their tasks are based primarily with ensuring the safety of their fellow enlisted Navy members. Occasionally, Masters at Arms operate their own watercraft, control certain parts of Navy bases, or supervise dog units for the Navy.

Other responsibilities of Master at Arms perform include regular base patrols and maintaining access points. Some Masters at Arms are responsible for determining that only qualified individuals are allowed to enter certain Navy areas, and they are also sometimes expected to protect oil platforms and rivers and to regularly check certain predetermined areas for narcotics or explosives. When large amounts of funds or weapons are moved, Masters at Arms are often used to provide a security detail.

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