What Are Some Maps of Ancient Greece?


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Some maps of ancient Greece include the map from the Ancient-Greece website, the British Museum's Classical Greece map, and a map displayed by Cedarville University. These maps typically display the ancient empire, points of interest and the city-states.

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Thrace, Thessaly, Attica, Aechaea, Arcadia and Peloponnese make up the bulk of the map with Asia Minor to the east. Chalkidike, the northern most city-state containing three peninsulas jutting into the Aegean Sea, is the home of Thessaloniki and Petralona. Just southwest of Chalkidike lies Thessaly and Mount Olympus.

Several city-states take up the bulk of the Grecian Peninsula starting with Attica at the southern tip, Boiotia just north of it, and then Phokis and Lokris. North of Phokis and Lokris and south of Tessaly lie Akarnania, Aitolia, Doris, Malis and Achaia Phthiotis. Attica contains the ancient cities of Athens and Piraeus, while Thebes lies in Boiotia and Delphi in Phokis.

The piece of Greece just west of the modern Corinth Canal contains several city-states including Corinthia, Elis, Laconia, Argolis and Arcadia. Argolis on the east contains Argos with Sparta in the south at Laconia and Olympia on the west at Elis. A map of ancient Greece also contains the island of Crete to the south, the Ionian Islands to the west and the Sporades to the west.

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