How Do You Find a Map of 1968 Vietnam?


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Find 1968 maps of Vietnam in encyclopedias or world atlases published in that year. Physical and online libraries may also have maps available upon request. You may also refer to the Perry-Castañeda Library map collection at the University of Texas .

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How Do You Find a Map of 1968 Vietnam?
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However, many maps of Vietnam were published in the context of the Vietnam War. Following the Tet Offensive, a military campaign carried out by Viet Cong forces in 1968 from January through February, newspapers such as the Kansas City Star published maps to depict the series of attacks. Vietnam Veterans organizations often provide more specialized maps from that year, detailing the movements of land, air, and sea battalions.

When searching for maps, always specify which type of the map you are looking for. Political, topographical, historical, military and road maps provide different sorts of information and therefore require different sources. For instance, a general political or topographical map of Vietnam may appear in a copy of the Rand McNally world atlas or in the Encyclopedia Brittanica.

Be sure to specify the map's publication date. You can often find maps of Vietnam within 1968 editions of newspapers and magazines. However, while maps in more recently published books may depict Vietnam as it existed in 1968, these maps may have been published at a much later date.

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