How Many Wives Did Nelson Mandela Have?

many-wives-did-nelson-mandela Credit: RAJESH JANTILAL/AFP/Getty Images

Nelson Mandela had three wives. He divorced his first two wives and married his third wife, Graca Machel, on his 80th birthday. He had six children, four with his first wife, Evelyn Ntoko Mase, and two with his second wife, Winnie Madikizela.

Mandela married his first wife, Evelyn Ntoko Mase, in 1944. They divorced in 1958 due to disagreements about politics and religion. Mandela married Winnie in 1958. She was married to Mandela for 38 years, 27 years of which he was in prison. Mandela died on December 5, 2013 at age 95 while at home with his family following a bout with a respiratory infection.