How Many People Could the Titanic Hold?

The maximum number of people that the Titanic could hold was 3,547. The ship was carrying 2,223 people on board when it capsized, resulting in 1,517 deaths. The guest section of the ship was split into first, second and third classes; the higher classes of the ship had the additional advantage of accessing lifeboats easily in case of any problems.

The Titanic sunk on April 14, 1912 while sailing to New York after striking an iceberg. Out of the 2,223 people on the ship during the trip, only 708 people survived. Many of the people who survived the tragedy were children, women and first and second class guests. The estimated number of deaths from the first class, second class and third class were 130, 166 and 536 respectively. The number of men who died was 1,347 while only 103 women died. 685 crew members out of the total 899 died during the tragedy.

The tragedy of the Titanic has become the largest maritime disaster in history. The number of people who died in third class was higher than the total number of deaths in the first and second class combined. This is because there was a gate that separated the third class guests from the second class section, which inhibited their escape during the disaster.