How Many People Boarded the Titanic?

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On April 10, 1912, 2,228 people boarded the Titanic. Of those, 1,343 of these people were passengers and 885 people were members of the crew.

The passengers on the Titanic were split into three different classes. There were 337 people who were in first class, 285 passengers who were in second class and 721 who were in third class. Of all the people on the Titanic, there were only 705 survivors mostly women and children, as there were not enough lifeboats on board of the ship. There were 65 lifeboats on the ship which were designed to hold 28 passengers each. Unfortunately due to the chaos when the ship began to sink, many lifeboats were launched before they were full to capacity.

One of the most famous passengers on the Titanic was Margaret Tobin Brown who became known as “the unsinkable Molly Brown.” She helped to row one of the lifeboats to safety and wanted to row the boat back towards the ship to help other passengers. Dorothy Gibson was a singer and model who survived the sinking of the ship. She went on to star in a film called “Saved From the Titanic” and this was released only one month after the ship sank.