How Many Miles Long Was the Berlin Wall?

The total length of the Berlin Wall was 96 miles, of which approximately 26 miles ran north to south, splitting Berlin in two. The remaining 70 miles kept the enclave of West Berlin set apart from the East German state.

According to the ABS-CBN Interactive website, while the Berlin Wall was erected on Aug. 13, 1961, there were numerous modifications and reinforcements made throughout the 28 years that it stood as a dividing symbol in Germany. At least 136 people died as a result of trying to cross over the Berlin Wall. There were 20 bunkers and 302 watchtowers along the Berlin Wall, guarded and patrolled by seven units of 1,000 to 1,200 soldiers. On Nov. 9, 1989, the East German authorities decided to allow people free passage at the Bernauerstrasse crossing point, leading to the demolition and dismantling of the Berlin Wall, though small portions of the wall have been preserved in place.