How Many Decks Did the Titanic Have?

Topical Press Agency/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

The Titanic had 10 decks. The top deck was known as the Boat Deck and was the location of the ship’s lifeboats. It had entrances leading to the first class grand staircase, gymnasium, first class lounge and first class smoking room as well as a second class entrance.

A Deck was known as the Promenade Deck and contained first class accommodation. B Deck was the Bridge Deck, which also contained the Poop Deck. C Deck was the Shelter Deck, followed by D Deck as the Saloon Deck and E Deck as the Upper Deck. F Deck was known as the Middle Deck and G Deck was called the Lower Deck. The lowest decks were called the Orlop Decks and the Tank Tops.