How Many Children Did Squire Boone Have?

Squire Boone had 11 children, the sixth of whom was Daniel Boone. Daniel Boone's younger brother, Squire Boone Jr., had five children. Both Daniel Boone and his brother were Kentucky pioneers.

Squire Boone Sr. moved his large family from Pennsylvania to North Carolina in 1749, where the Boone brothers grew up. Between 1767 and 1771, Daniel and his brother Squire Jr. went on numerous hunting trips to Kentucky, during which they learned to navigate the trails and befriended the local Native Americans.

In 1775, the brothers and 30 other men blazed the Wilderness Trail through the Cumberland Gap, a route that thousands of settlers followed into Kentucky and Tennessee. Squire Boone Jr. founded several communities, and in 1779, he moved his family to a small settlement at the Falls of the Ohio that became Louisville, Ky.