How Many Children Did Sacagawea Have?

Sacagawea had two children named Jean Baptiste and Lisette Charbonneau. Their father was Toussaint Charbonneau, a French-Canadian trapper. Jean Baptiste was born in 1805, and Lisette's birth was in 1812.

Sacagawea was a Native American woman who accompanied William Clark and Meriwether Lewis on their famous expedition through the American West, and they reached the Pacific Coast in 1805. She was the only woman on this journey, and her infant son accompanied her. She was invaluable on this trek and helped the expedition in many ways, such as procuring horses from the Shoshone so that they could traverse the Rocky Mountains.

A few months after giving birth to her daughter, Sacagawea died in 1812. Clark took custody of her children after her death because he had grown fond of Jean Baptiste.