What Are Some Major Highlights of Ronald Reagan's Presidency?

Some major highlights of Ronald Reagan's presidency include building a diplomatic relationship with the Soviet Union, appointing the first woman on the Supreme Court, Sandra Day O'Connor, and putting into place the seeds for the reunification of Germany. His second presidential election proved another major highlight when he defeated democrat Walter Mondale by a margin of 525 to seven, the most electoral votes ever won by a president.

Reagan's first term policy on the Soviet Union included a build-up of weapons and troops; however, by his second term, he recognized that Soviet Union chairman Mikhail Gorbachev offered an opportunity for positive diplomatic relations with Gorbachev's reform policies. In 1987, he and Gorbachev agreed upon an elimination of intermediate-range nuclear missiles. Upon Reagan's pressure, Gorbachev allowed the Berlin Wall to be torn down, which eventually led to the reunification of Germany.

During the presidential campaign of 1980, Reagan promised to appoint a woman to the Supreme Court should he win the presidency. He nominated Sandra Day O'Connor, a judge from Arizona, in 1981, promising conservatives that her stance on abortion would help overturn Roe v. Wade.

The results of the 1984 presidential election had Reagan winning 49 out 50 states and proclaiming it was "morning again in America."