What Made Cleopatra Famous?


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Cleopatra is famous due to her relationships with high-ranking Romans and her status as the last queen of ancient Egypt. She was known for her beauty, intelligence and seduction skills. Cleopatra is also remembered for her mysterious suicide.

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Cleopatra had relationships with both Caesar and Mark Antony. Her relationship with Ceasar began after he put her and her brother on the throne, and the relationship resulted in one son, named Caesarion. A few years after Caesar's death, Cleopatra began a relationship with Mark Antony that was both political and romantic. This second relationship resulted in a pair of twins, which was one girl and one boy, and later another son.

Mark Antony committed suicide after a false report of Cleopatra's death, after which the queen took her own life. It is unknown how Cleopatra actually died, though the generally accepted legend is that it was from the bite of a poisonous snake, the asp. The two lovers were buried together. This story of tragic love and loss ensured Cleopatra's place in history, and the legend of her death further cements her place. She was an intelligent, beautiful queen whose death signalled the end of independent ancient Egypt, and afterward the country came under Roman rule.

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