How Long Did the Ancient Egyptian Civilization Span?

Ancient Egypt existed between the years of 3000 B.C. and 342 B.C. The Ancient Egyptian civilization was responsible for many advancements, including hieroglyphics, the pyramids and developments in agriculture.

The history of Egypt spans 30 centuries and is divided into many different periods with different accomplishments, milestones and events being associated with each.

The first hieroglyphics can be traced back to the Archaic Period. The capital of Memphis was also established as was the idea of the king as a god.

The Old Kingdom saw the Egyptian culture flourish with the first pyramid being built in 2630 B.C. Later, the Great Pyramid of Gaza would be built for Chufu who reigned from 2589 until 2566 B.C.

The Middle Kingdom is marked by strong foreign policies, a return to pyramid building and the first female Egyptian leader, Queen Sobeknefer.

The Late Period signifies the end of ancient Egypt with the defeat of the Persian Empire by Alexander the Great in 332 B.C.