What Are Some Facts About the Life of Harriet Tubman?

Facts about the life of Harriet Tubman include that her original name was Araminta Ross, her nickname was Moses, she adopted a daughter with her second husband and she suffered a brain injury as a child. The injury lead to headaches and seizures for the rest of her life.

Harriet Tubman had visions which may have been caused by her brain injury, but she felt the visions were guidance from God. Harriet chose the first name of her mother, Harriet Ross. Her last name was from her husband, John Tubman, whom she married in 1844, when John was free and Harriet was a slave. John died during the Civil War, and Harriet married Nelson Davis in 1869. Their adopted daughter was named Gertie.

Harriet was called Moses because she operated the Underground Railroad and brought people to freedom. Songs were used as a means of communication, with Harriet using "Go Down Moses" to announce when she was arriving or leaving. Slaves who wished to be free would sing "Swing Low Sweet Chariot" as a signal to be rescued.

Harriet was part of the women's rights movement. She held several positions in the Union Army during the Civil War, including nurse, cook and spy.