Which Leader Recognized That British Settlers Threatened the Native American Way of Life?

leader-recognized-british-settlers-threatened-native-american-way-life Credit: Print Collector/Getty Images/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Native American Chief Pontiac of Ottawa is greatly regarded as benevolently leading his people from the inhumanities perpetrated by British settlers. The Pontiac War of 1763-64, lead by the powerful leader himself, initiated a siege against British authorities.

Pontiac's war was significant for many reasons. First of all, it united the numerous tribal denominations that to this day inhabit most of present-day United States of America. In particular, tribes from around the Great Lakes region united as one to stave off the British. Little by little, American Indian nations from surrounding lands joined on. Second and most importantly, Native Americans showed power and assertion that their land could not be disputed--that disputes between the British and French were inconsequential when it came to land ownership. The British retreated and considered the Native American people to be a real threat.