How Large Are the Faces on Mount Rushmore?

large-faces-mount-rushmore Credit: Dean Franklin/CC-BY-2.0

The four faces carved into the side of Mount Rushmore are each about 60 feet tall, which is the equivalent of a six-story building. Each eye's width is about 11 feet, and the mouths are up to 18 feet wide. The noses are around 20 feet long, with George Washington having the longest nose, measuring 21 feet.

Mount Rushmore features the faces of presidents Roosevelt, Lincoln, Washington and Jefferson. The 14 year project was carried out by over 400 men from 1927 to 1941. It is notable for the fact that none of the workers died despite the massive scope of the undertaking and the relatively primitive safety equipment available in the early 20th century. Original plans by sculptor Gutzon Borglum featured full bust carvings of each president, including chest and shoulders in addition to the head. Borglum's plans also reportedly included a hall of records that was partially blasted behind the Lincoln carving.