What Are Some Facts About the Kiowa Native American Tribe?


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The Kiowa Native American tribe came from the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and Montana to the reservation they currently reside at in Oklahoma. Like many other tribes existing today, the Kiowa have their own language and are federally recognized as having their own government system.

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The Kiowa has more than 12,000 members. The term "Kiowa" translates to "principal people." The Kiowa has its own very well-constructed government, consisting of seven counties. The government is democratic, allowing people desiring places of power to be voted on instead of being rewarded a position through bloodlines. Chiefs are elected because of values, such as courage and generosity as well as ability to communicate. The Kiowa value brave warriors and well-brought-up men above all else, with each tribesman aspiring to be the best they can be. To join the tribe, a person must be at least of one-quarter descent. The tribe even issues its own license tags.

The Kiowa tribe is very economic minded, owning a smoke shop and several casinos and dining establishments. The Kiowa were known to be hunter-gatherers, never staying in one spot long enough to actually grow their own food sources. They tended to migrate along with the food source, typically being the American bison.

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