Where Was King Tut Buried?

King Tut was buried in the Valley of the Kings, a barren desert valley on the west side of the Nile near Luxor, or Thebes. His tomb is KV 62, an Egyptological numeric designation.

Rubble from Ramesses V's and Ramesses VI's tombs buried the door to King Tut's tomb and helped disguise it from robbers. The Ramesside tomb's entry tunnel overlaid Tut's tomb, further hiding it, and nearby Horemheb's tomb probably also contributed to the overlying rubble.

Evidence suggests King Tut's burial was hurried. Paintings in his tomb are large and relatively unadorned, and splotches on the paint indicate it wasn't dry when the tomb was sealed. Carelessly embalmed, it appears that Tut's body combusted in the tomb, which is evidence of improper drying.