What Is King James I Famous For?


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King James I is famous for the Authorized King James's Bible, his 1611 translation, which would become a standard text. He Became King James VI of Scotland on July 24, 1567, and King James I of England and Ireland on March 24, 1603. He ruled until his death on March 27, 1625.

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King James was born in Edinburgh Castle to Mary, Queen of Scots and Lord Darnley on June 19, 1566. He became King of Scotland when he was 13 months old after his mother was forced to abdicate. He married Anne of Denmark in 1589. His son, Charles, would become his successor. James became King of England and Ireland after the death of Queen Elizabeth I. He was the country's first Stuart king.

King James believed in the divine right of kings. Puritans had hoped he would bring some of the teachings of the Scottish church to England, while the Catholics hoped to be treated more tolerantly. James introduced the Hampton court conference of 1604, which commissioned a new translation of the Bible. The book, completed 7 years later, helped resolve the issues of having different translations in use. The Authorized King James Version is considered a Jacobean masterpiece and is still used throughout the world, as of 2015.

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