What Are Some of Key Historical Events of Cincinnati, Ohio?


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Some key historical events of Cincinnati, Ohio, include the purchase of the land in 1788, the selling of plots in 1789, the establishment of the name in 1790, and businesses and manufacturing plants setting up shop in 1795. Other key events are the establishment of the Medical College of Ohio and the influx of immigrants.

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In 1788, Robert Patterson, Israel Ludlow and Matthias Denman first bought the 800 acres of land that later became known as Cincinnati from John Cleves Symmes. The trio surveyed and divided the town into plots, giving away plots to the first couple of dozen settlers to bring people into the area. The town, first called Losantiville, started growing quickly, encouraged by the establishment of a military base, Fort Washington, just west of the town.

In 1790, Hamilton County was created, and Losantiville became the head of government for that county. The name was also changed to Cincinnati. The town became a supply depot for explorers and soldiers setting out into the unknown western territory. Brewers and manufacturing plants opened up in Cincinnati in 1795, followed shortly afterwards by meatpacking plants and the medical College of Ohio in 1819. By 1820 the city contained approximately 10,000 residents.

An influx of immigrants from Germany and Ireland in the 1800s further boosted the population growth, but it also caused riots and other conflicts. The city continued to grow, both in governmental importance and in businesses.

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