What Was Justinian's Major Goal During His Reign?

Justinian's major goal during his reign was to return the Byzantine Empire to its former glory. He sought to accomplish this by expanding the empire and strengthening its borders.

Justinian ruled the Byzantine Empire from 527 to 565 A.D. He assumed the throne following the death of his uncle. Justinian clashed with the wealthy nobility of the Byzantine Empire, though, because he sought advice from people outside the upper echelon. He also emphasized the power of the emperor by granting himself absolute rule.

After an uprising resulted in the destruction of many of the religious structures built by Constantine, Justinian used his influence to assert his support for the Christian orthodox church. He rebuilt many of the structures and took measures to eradicate paganism within the empire. He was renowned for his love of architecture and his efforts to restore Constantinople to its previous glory. The rebuilding of one of the structures within the city, the Hagia Sophia, is considered one of the pinnacle accomplishments of his rule. Justinian's effort to expand the empire were very successful. He managed to create an empire that was unparalleled in size in Byzantine history by taking back lands that had been taken from the empire by Germanic tribes.