For What Is Julius Caesar Famous?

Julius Caesar entered into a career as a Roman politician; he conquered vast areas of land, expanding the Roman Empire and eventually became a dictator of Rome. Julius Caesar was born in the city of Rome on July 12, 100 B.C. Although Caesar accomplished much from his personal qualities, such as perseverance and intelligence, his upbringing in a well-off family gave him an advantage.

Caesar entered into the political system of Rome as a quaestor. He ascended to the positions of aedile and praetor, respectively. Caesar eventually left Italy to serve as governor of Spain. Bold and fearless, he returned to Italy nearly 10 years later, declaring himself governor and dictator of Rome.

Caesar led a ruthless army during his plight as governor. He and his men conquered vast areas of land, ultimately securing the nations of Belgium and France for Rome. In doing so, Caesar prevented those nations from invasion by Gallic forces.

In addition to expanding the Roman Empire, Caesar created large changes to the internal political system of Rome. He reduced national debt, ordered construction of the Forum Iulium and increased the size of the Roman Senate. In the process of creating change, Caesar alienated and enraged republican senators. In opposition to Caesar's rule, politicians Cassius and Brutus staged an assassination of Caesar in 44 B.C.