What Jobs Did the Aztecs Do?

jobs-did-aztecs Credit: Kent Horner/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

There were a number of jobs available in Aztec society, and people had access to certain types of work depending on the social group they were born into. Farm work formed the foundation of the Aztec economy, but there were also diverse middle class occupations like merchant, artisan and soldier.

Employment opportunities for the poor class in Aztec society primarily consisted of farming and hunting, as well as less lucrative forms of craftsmanship such as weapon-making.

People in the middle class enjoyed the greatest diversity of job opportunities, from painters, feather workers, metallurgists and sculptors, to lawyers and merchants. Priests were a considered a separate class and stayed busy performing various duties like analyzing the movement of the stars and officiating in religious ceremonies.

Men from both the middle and lower class had the opportunity to ascend their social rank by becoming warriors, a profession that brought perks like high wages and land.

Aztec nobility were principally administrators. They owned the land and directed slaves, servants and poor freemen in their farming duties. They also made military decisions and led soldiers during times of war. Naturally, the nobility were in charge of the government and were responsible for creating the laws that governed Aztec society.