What Is Jacques Cartier Famous For?

jacques-cartier-famous Credit: Heritage Images/Hulton Fine Art Collection/Getty Images

French explorer Jacques Cartier is most known for exploring the northern region of the Americas along the St. Lawrence River, and ultimately giving Canada its name. Cartier supported many prominent explorers before making his first solo voyage in 1534. His initial motives were to travel to India and other parts of Asia to engage in trade for profit for his family.

Despite his relevance in the naming of Canada and his participation in exploration in the region, Cartier eventually died broke in New York City. After failing to generate income from his initial voyages, he lost the financial and emotional support of his family. Cartier's inability to succeed in trade also caused him to lose support from the French government.

During his final voyage, in 1541, Cartier came upon some colonists in Newfoundland who did not appreciate his presence in the area. He was ordered to head back to Quebec, but instead, he fled during the night to head back to France. Cartier was an important influence in the development of the St. Lawrence region, and in helping the French government realize the value of resources in Canada. However, Cartier's overall reputation is somewhat mixed based on his failures to garner wealth on early voyages.