What Are Some of the Inventions of the Ming Dynasty?

Woodblock color printing, document production techniques, encyclopedias, toothbrushes, the magnetic compass and ship rudders are some of the things invented during the Ming Dynasty. The Great Wall of China was also reinforced to provide a stronger barrier against enemies during this time.

Woodblock color printing was a more efficient way to print on paper, and a two-color printing process made it possible to produce large quantities of paper. The Yongle Encyclopedia was also created in the Ming Dynasty. It contained information about history, astronomy, art, religion, agriculture and other spheres of Chinese life and technology. This is known as the first written encyclopedia.

The bristle toothbrush also debuted, replacing the practice of cleaning teeth with sticks. Advancements in seafaring and navigation like ship rudders, more accurate maps and the magnetic compass strengthened the Chinese fleet.

Throughout the Ming Dynasty, walls were routinely built to form a protective barrier. The Great Wall of China was reinforced several times.