Who Invented Wind Energy?

Charles F. Brush of Cleveland, Ohio, was the first person to use wind to power energy sources in the winter of 1887. He used the wind turbine around his home to power cellular batteries that were in the basement of his mansion, creating the first recorded electrical use of wind power.

Wind has been used as the driving force behind the power of many things for around 3,000 years. It dates back to the Egyptian empire times when things were powered with wind through water and occasionally, on land. It is a constant source of energy and movement. While wind was used for many years throughout Africa and Europe, it was never extremely popular in the United States because there were other means for power, such as electric.

As the years have gone by, wind power like most things, has become increasingly more efficient. It was once used solely to power irrigation systems, but it is now able to power entire homes and even towns. Wind power generally comes from wind farms, which are large groupings of windmills spaced apart. These windmills are able to take the energy that comes from mills, send it into an exchange area and turn it into energy that is essential for life. Wind energy is often more efficient than the use of oils and even coals. It is also much cheaper and is a sustainable source that is not expected to go anywhere. Every year, more wind farms are being built to help reach the number needed for everything to be powered by wind energy.