Who Invented Sprewell Spinners?

According to Tru Spinners, Sprewell spinners were invented by J.D. Gragg during the 1980s. However, Tire Review states that David Fowlkes Jr. developed the devices as part of a college project.

Sprewell spinners are vehicle wheel hubcaps that spin and continue to do so after the vehicle has stopped. Tru-Spinners explains that Gragg patented the spinners in 1992 and marketed them as American Tru-Spinners. Fowlkes’ spinners were developed in 1990. Tire Reviews states that they were marketed through Davin Wheels.

The spinners became known as Sprewell spinners following an episode of MTV Cribs. The episode, which was first shown in 2001, featured Latrell Sprewell, a former NBA player. It showed his vehicle with spinners on the wheels. Although they were made by Davin Wheels, all spinners began to be known as Sprewell spinners.