Who Invented the Plow?

The first inventor who used the plow in 6,000 BC, when animal power was harnessed by man, is not credited in modern sources. There are early references to the plow in the Bible. Chinese used the Moldboard plow by 100 BC. Virgil writes of the plow in 1 AD.

In 1730, Joseph Foljambe invented the Rotherham plow. In 1797, Charles Newbold created a cast-iron plow. Jethro Wood created a plow with replaceable parts in 1814. In 1868, John Lane created a plow designed to help reduce breakage. In 1837, John Deere created and marketed the first self-polishing, cast-steel plow, called "grasshopper plows". Ride on plows were seen as early as 1844. Tractors began pulling plows in 1921.